Please be aware that there are many duplicate blades in the market with word either star or italy embossed on the blades.(prefixing or suffixing some word with star) to cheat the customer. we are the 1st company in India introduced star blades imported from italy in the year 2003. Please be cautious before buying.

Products - Front End Loaders

Technical Features of the Loaders

01Maximum Effective Lift Height 3500 MM
02With tilted bucket at 45 degree2600 MM
03 Working Depth of the machine 150 MM
04 Bucket return to ground (alpha)  45 degree
05 Bucket unloading 90 Degree
06 Duration of lifting to maximum height 8.20 Sec
07  Duration to return back to the ground 5.00 Sec
08 Duration of Rollback 6.00 Sec


  • Can lift upto 1000 kgs
  • Quick hitch is provided to easy mounting and detaching the bucket
  • Suitable for all latest tractors as well as for old Tractors also
  • Dozing operations can be done to a minimum extent
  • Imported cylinders ensures smooth operation helps uninterrupted works.
  • Rugged machines. Designed to suit tough conditions
  • Can also be supplied with Bale grabber / Grabbing Forks  and as fork lift.