Please be aware that there are many duplicate blades in the market with word either star or italy embossed on the blades.(prefixing or suffixing some word with star) to cheat the customer. we are the 1st company in India introduced star blades imported from italy in the year 2003. Please be cautious before buying.

Products - Pto Drive Shafts


Our PTO Drive shafts are suitable for all Rotary Tillers, Post Hole Diggers and other mechanized agriculture equipments to connect to any tractor with 540 or 1000 RPM. PTO Shafts are supplied with shear bolt torque limiter which act as a fuse when the implements encounter some boulders or big stones in the soil there by saving the implements as well the Tractor from any damages.


  • Light Duty
  • Heavy Duty


Plain Yoke, Inner Tube Yoke, Outer Tube Yoke, Cross Journal, Inner Tube (400 MM), Outer Tube (400 MM), Shear Bolt Yoke, Hub for SB Yoke, Push Pin, Half PTO Shaft (Tractor Side)