Please be aware that there are many duplicate blades in the market with word either star or italy embossed on the blades.(prefixing or suffixing some word with star) to cheat the customer. we are the 1st company in India introduced star blades imported from italy in the year 2003. Please be cautious before buying.

Products - Rotary Tiller Blades

  • Introducing for the first time in India a high quality imported Italian Rotary tiller and power tiller blades at very competitive price in the brand name of “STAR.
  • It is manufactured by the world leaders in Tiller blades in Italy under strict quality manufacturing processes.
  • Ideal for all types of soil conditions & all type of Rotary Tillers in India.
  • The Imported STAR brand blades will have an EXTRA LIFE up to 20 – 30% when compared to the local blades.
  • The imported STAR brand blades will give you a very fine tilth of the soil because of the even size of the blades.
  • The Imported STAR brand blades has a sharp edge, even size, weight and width whereas the local blades does not have these qualities thereby taking more diesel, weakening the drive unit like the Crown Wheel, Pinion, Chain, Jack Shaft and RD Shaft etc.
  • By using the local blades that are made of cheap material will break when the unit is in operation. But when Imported STAR brand blades are used any breakages or bending of the blades are ruled out.
  • By using the local blades, it will bend and break once the blades are used to more than 60% to 70% as it become thin. Whereas the imported STAR brand blades can be utilized to the maximum.